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Gerhard Eichenhofer (Diplom-Ingenieur FH)

Curriculum-Vitae, Professional Life

Technical University, 10/1982 - 03/1987
 Fachhochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
 Physikalische Technik
 Degree: Diplom Ingenieur FH

 Fraunhofer Institut Stuttgart, 04/1987 - 7/1987
 (IPA, Institut für Produktionstechnik)
 Assistant (Assistant Scientist 1/4a-Contract).

Varian GmbH, 09/1987 - 09/1994
 Service-Engineer for Ion-Implantation,
 and Etching-Systems.
 Thin-Film Process-Engineer.
Tokyo Electron Germany, 10/1994 - 10/1995
 Applications-Engineer for Plasma-Etching-Systems
 (Central Europe).
EATON Semiconductor Division, 11/1995-12/1996
 Ion-Implantation Systems)
 Customer Process Specialist,
 Service-Engineer for Ion-Implantation-Systems.
ELMOS Semiconductor, 01/1997-09/1999
 (Semiconductor-Manufacturer, ASIC’s)
 Front End Process Engineer for Thin-Film Metallization,
 Ion-Implantation and Plasma Etch Processes.
ENI-Germany (MKS-Instruments since 02.2002), 10/1999-09/2003,
 (Manufacturer of Plasma Power Generating Products)
 Sales Engineer for
 Southern/Eastern Europe and Benelux.
 European Applications Engineer for all ENI-Products.
 Markets: Semiconductor, Hard and Protective Coatings,
 Optical Storage, MEMS.

abeg-engineering, 10/2003-04/2004
 (Consulting Engineering Company)
 Founder and Owner.
 abeg-engineering was found in 10/2003.
 abeg-engineering is a consulting engineering company.
 Markets: Semiconductor / Semiconductor-Equipment /
 PV- Vacuum Coating Systems.

SOLVIX SA, 04/2004-11/2012
 (Manufacturer of Plasma Power Generating Products)
 Marketing and Sales Manager (international)
 for Solvix Products; DC- and DC- pulsed Power Supplies,
 Cathodic Arc-Evaporation Systems and HiPIMS-PS.
  External Activities:
Session chair - at the the PSE 2012
 (international conference of
 plasma surface engineering);
 for HiPIMS, new technolgy session.
  Member of - TAC (technical adviser committee) -
 for HiPIMS at the SVC (Society of Vacuum Coaters).
  Member of - European COST
 (Cooperation in Science and Technology),
 in the COST Action MP0804
 Highly Ionized Pulse Plasma Processes (HIPP processes).
 Markets: Decorative- and Hard-Coatings, Tribological-Coatings,
 PV and Solar Thermal Coatings, TCO-Applications,
 Data-Storage, Optical-Coatings.

Advanced Energy Industries, 11/2012-05/2014
 (Manufacturer of Plasma Power Generating
 and Energy Conversion Products)
 (Solvix was acquired by AEI in 11/2012)
 Marketing and Sales Manager for Solvix products
 (till 12/2012)
 Senior Product Marketing Manager for
 Solvix by AE Products worldwide,
 Regional Product Marketing Manager for AE products Europe,
 with main focus on magnetron sputtering products.
abeg-engineering, 06/2014-08/2015
 (Consulting Engineering Company)
 Founder and Owner.
 abeg-engineering was restructured in June 2014.
 abeg-engineering is a consulting engineering
 company with the focus on plasma power generation-
 and plasma processing systems for the vacuum coating industry.
4A-Plasma,since 09/2015
 (Consulting Engineering Company, ex abeg-engineering)
 Founder and Owner.
 Renamed abeg-engineering to 4A-Plasma.
 4A-Plasma is a consulting engineering company with the focus
 on plasma power generation- and plasma processing systems for
 the vacuum coating industry.
 Sales, application and product support.
 Cooperation with plasma power
 supply manufacturers.
 Cooperation with plasma source
 and magnetron manufacturers.

Gerhard Eichenhofer Dipl. Ingeneuer FH Plasma

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Gerhard Eichenhofer
Director: Technology & Sales (Diplom-Ingenieur FH)

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